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Welcome to Berlington, the provider of result driven management and administrative conferences that are current and advanced. View our in-demand conference events. Our conferences ensure that participants gain hands-on result driven knowledge and skills that encompass professional management and administrative skills. Our participants are from public and private sectors across the world and contribute to the unmatched quality of our conferences by sharing both their challenges and achievements. Our renowned speakers are experts in their fields and are passionate about what they do. They are dedicated in their quest to deliver practical result driven conferences that tackle workplace challenges.


Preparing participants for tomorrow’s challenges through the provision of quality knowledge. To continuously engage in cutting-edge research to produce dynamic knowledge in the fields of administration, management and leadership.


We at Berlington value people, skills, integrity, ethics and mutual advancement in all we do. We are professionally dedicated to the service of our stakeholders who we are committed to offering continuous learning that facilitates dynamic relevant change.


To be the training provider of choice offering result driven leadership and management knowledge that is relevant, customized, globally current and continuously updated for UN Agencies, Public & Private Sector entities.

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